People frequently use a screen guard for their mobile phones, but for laptops? Yes, using a screen guard for your notebook can benefit you a lot by making the visual experience of the laptop much better. Today you have a lot of good screen guards in the market for the various models. Let’s look at the top 4 reasons why you should buy one for your device.

Reason 1: Screen Guards can reduce glare
They can reduce the glare on the phone to a great extent. By having a matt finished coat and diffusion, they break up the reflected light from the screen’s surface thus reducing the consistency of the reflected images.
Just this reason is enough for you to buy a laptop screen guard, as it reduces the strain on your eyes by avoiding the need to squint from the glare on the screen. Further, when you need to use the laptop outdoors, you will have ease of using as these screen guards will enhance the display visibility by combating reflections and glare from the bright sun.

Reason 2: Screen Guards can avoid finger prints and also sticky fingers
Today, Laptops have also become touch screen models. So it is vital that you get a screen guard to avoid finger prints or sticking of fingers when using. The screen guards come with a lipophobic coating that can repel the skin oils as well as provide resistance to fingerprints and smudges. Also you have thinner versions that ease the use of movement of fingers on the screen.

Using a screen guard will reduce the use of harsh cleaning agents that might be employed for cleaning the display surface of these smudges, prints, and marks. These agents can affect your screen surface as well as damage the glossy finished look.

Reason 3: Screen Guards can keep away dust, dirt, and bacteria
Be it touch screen or traditional laptops, their constant use can form a layer of dust or stain on the screen surface which may be difficult to clean later on. With a screen guard, these dust and dirt can be kept at bay.

If you are someone who uses the laptop in schools, hospitals or public places which are great breeding ground for bacteria then you should definitely buy a screen guard which has an anti-bacterial property. By using this screen guard that has a specially formulated coating, can kill almost 99% of the common bacteria that may cause stains, odours or other problems on the laptop due to their growth and transmission.

Reason 4: Screen Guards can enhance your privacy
When working on a confidential project, using a screen guard with a screen door property can diffuse others from seeing what you are working on. This screen guard only shows the images when kept in the right position. If the angle is tilted then the contents become masked keeping everything confidential by blocking the view to anyone apart from the user.

So with plenty of benefits, what are your waiting for? Get a screen guard for your laptop today!

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