Everyone today has a use for a computer. As a student or professional, getting your personal computer is an occasion to celebrate. But what are you buying – A laptop or a Desktop? The most preferred today by consumers are laptops for many reasons. Let us look at the Top 5 reasons why laptops are better than desktops:

1. Portable:
Laptops are highly portable and mobile. You can simply carry them anywhere and continue with your work interrupted; be it your living room or a coffee shop. But desktops are hard and bulky and cannot be shifted from one place to another. In fact, laptops have revolutionized the corporate world by allowing people to work from anywhere in their own comfort. Being slimmer and of less weight, they can easily be carried around. Even the most powerful gaming notebooks are fairly portable, some with weights around 6 pounds.

2. No need for a constant supply of power:
Laptops can easily work with battery power for a minimum of 3 hours. Depending upon the battery capacity and model, some laptops even work for longer hours. This eliminates the need to be always connected to a power supply which is not the case with desktops. So you can grab a coffee or lunch at your favorite restaurant and still work without being interrupted with a laptop. But make sure you buy a laptop with a long battery backup of 6 to 8 hours.

3. No more wires:
There will be no more annoying wires connecting various accessories to your laptop. The keyboard, mouse, speakers are all inbuilt in your notebook. Even though this is possible on a desktop by going wireless, but you can’t do away with the CPU of your desktop which is connected via a cable and which in turn is attached to a power supply. The only wire you have to deal with in your laptop is your power adapter for charging your battery. But you can do away with that too for a few hours when your battery is fully charged.

4. Size:
Laptops are smaller and more compact without occupying much space when compared to desktops. And they are in every way a real or a complete computer as space and memory of their hard drives are similar to desktops. Even if you can shrink the desktops to the size of laptops, you will not be able to add external disk drives circuit boards, etc. The only thing missing in the laptop will be the processing speed which can be rectified today with higher end Core-i5 or Core-i7 processor laptops.

5. Privacy:
A personal computer is not personal anymore if it does not give us privacy. When you are working on a confidential project for your school or work, you might want to maintain complete secrecy. Only laptops can provide you that secrecy. It can be hidden from plain sight by keeping it in a secure place where no one can have access to unlike a desktop. Desktops need to be set at a place and anyone can have access to it.

So, in every way Laptops make a better choice than Desktops.

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